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Phone (855) 434-8787

South bay PC and Mac computer repair, support and home theater intergration! Located In the Riviera Village and Now in Manhattan Beach. 

Location #1 1820 South Elena Redondo Beach California Suite K 

                           (Accross from Trader Joes)

        Location #2  350 North Sepulveda BLVD Manhattan Beach Suite 12 

                         (Under El Terasco and Next to

                             Renaldi's and Big Wok Mongolian BBQ)

Open Monday through Saturday and Sunday by Appointment

Phone (855) 434-8787

Computer repair center and computer support in the Riviera Village.

We accept competitors coupons and advertised offers.

Please contact us by phone if your request is urgent or your email hasn't been responded to in 24 hours so we can add your address to our spam exlusion list and respond to you in a timely manner.

Virus removal/Infection

We offer six months free virus removal if you use our recomended virus protection when you have us repair your infected computer. If your computer is slower then it was when it was when it was new, pestered with anoying popups, trying to sell you virus protection,blocking internet access, or downloads, your computer may be infected. We offer volume pricing, ask with your request.

Backing up data/Securing data

If you are running a bisiness on your computer hardware, you need to BACK UP, let us show you how. Additionaly, if you are working with your data or you want to dispose of it, we can show you how to protect your data so it stays private. 

Microsoft is stopping support for Windows XP, you will no longer be secure if your are still using it. We can help you migrate your content to a new computer.

In-shop Fixed rate pricing and services

We offer fixed rate pricing for most of our computer repairs performed at South Bay Tech Gurus shop location. South Bay Tech Gurus is South Bay computer support, Iphone support, Ipad support, and Android support,emergency tech support, computer repair and troubleshooting, setup, virus removal, computer remote support. We are South Bay in-home and small business IT and home theater support!

About us

If you are looking for a south bay tech guru in Redondo Beach, you landed in the right place. We are a small group of technology support analysts specifically catering to People in Redondo Beach and nearby beach cities, offering house calls with no additional charge in Redondo Beach.

Our Location

We are located in the Riviera Village at 1820 South Elena Suite K, two blocks east of Catalina Ave. across from Trader Joes in Redondo Beach. Near the corner of Via Velencia and South Elena very close to the RE/MAX biulding

Wifi and network setup

Are you a new business that needs a small office setup? Is your WiFi always dropping off? If you live in Redondo Beach, Hermosa Beach, Manhattan Beach, Rolling Hills, Palos Verdes or most of Torrance, then there is no additional cost for your computer house call.

Our team of tech gurus has served the South Bay - Beach Cities area of Los Angeles for more than a decade now.  Our technical professionals can be at your service almost immediately. Are you looking for "come to me computer service" ?  We'll come to you! Our labor costs are less than Best Buy, Fry's Electronics, Mac Mall or any of those other big box retailors, GUARANTEED! The larger repair services often offer quality service but not always sooner than later, we don't have their overhead!

Our team would be pleased to be your technology help in the South Bay. We can answer questions about buying a PC or buying Mac and PC repair or Mac repair backing up data. Repairs start at 40 dollars.  Our onsite hourly rate is $95 an Hour. Our shop rate is $75 for training purposes however, most of our shop rates are fixed and noted with discriptions on our pricing tab above. Onsite, consultations are available!

Annual support

You can be covered remotely or have onsite support. What you pay will vary by the number of hours supported. Our most common service is 30 a month or 300 dollars annualy. This grants you 60 minutes of support calls per month for the year and includes onsite support  once or twice a month totaling 2 hours. if you have more than 2 hours of support for us in that month, you will get a reduced hourly rate 0f 45 dollars per hour from our normal 95 dollars per hour. For your remote support you will have auditable support including notes depicting what remote work was completed and time stamps showing how long a call took to complete submitted by email. Paid annual support is premium support meaning you are promised a 24  hour response time when contacting us by phone.

Our most common repairs

Hard Drive replacement, upgrade or addition

The newest technology in hard drives is the Solid State Drive or an "SSD". In the years leading up to the most recent,  our hard drives have been slow mechanical machines responsible for harboring our data. If your computer is more than a few years old, consider upgrading to an SSD to increaase your computer speed and most obviously, boot times. The performance upgrade is so improved from a mechanical drive that this upgrade is often worth it even on a new computer. The technology is more expensive for the amout of storage you get per dollar but this upgrade can increase the life of your computer overall by eliminating vibration, dramatically reducing heat and power consumption. 

Virus removal

The way we garantee a fix is to completly reinstall the OS. Reinstalling includes temporarly moving your data to a safe location and scanning it for viruses using a healthy computer. Taking tweezers to a virus wastes time and doesnt mean the problems are gone. Problems can presist if you can't pinpoint the damage from the virus which would take countless hours. This means your reinstall will include a factory reinstall of the OS minus the trialware that came with your machine, all the updates to that days availability and any software that you request be installed.

Laptop screen or keyboard Repair

Most screens and keyboards are available for most machines biult in the last five years

Wifi setup or expansion

Most free routers from your provider are animic, providing good WIFI performance for only up to a few hundred square feet. Call us and we can asess what performance routers may be best for your layout and features you may want specific for your porposes 

Handheld Device Setup/data sync setup

Iphone,Ipad or android device setup

Password Management

Everyone knows how frustrating it can be to manage passwords. Learn how to set your self up so you are properly secured in a way that isnt confusing and include sticky notes all over your desk!

Microsoft Outlook Maintnance

Occasionaly Outlook Misbehaves do to large amounts of email archives saved. Learn how to properly maintain and back up Outlook data so errors can be minimized

Home Theater support and repair

We are Technology support professionals that understand not everyone is a techie! In adition to our office related support, we are South Bay technology troubleshooters! Many forget how technical even our living rooms are. Let us show you your streaming media options. If you are already familiar with your streaming options but aren't able to use them reliably, IE dropping off or hesitating video, we can show you how to use Sling Box, Sonos, Apple Airplay, Pandora Radio, Spotify, Netflix, Hulu or Amazon streaming services over Wifi or wired Ethernet and  the many other ways to consume content using your computers, tablets and phones Apple TV, Roku or Chromecast with your stereo, television and recording devices Reliably.

Moving Services

If you are moving, you have all kinds of technology throughout your home. What we offer as an electronics moving service is dismantling any household electronics and setting it up again in your new home. We only move your technology as technology experts. You can hire us to move your technology from one home to another and set it up in your new location. The advantage to hiring technology experts would be to have your technology assessed and configured in your likely different setup at the new location upon consulting, you would learn about possible ways to improve upon what you already have, need or find you have unnecessary redundancies. Additionally we can show you how to use what you have in your new, unfamiliar environment.

Let us be your South Bay, computer geek, or tech guru!

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