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Auditing & Documentation

We offer the service of IT documenting and cleanup. Labor performed will be cable management, mapping out and labeling your wiring, documenting hardware, your hardware’s function, its location, labeling all hardware and connections and in writing explain our findings.

After 5 years in business there are several things we continue to see. Mainly disorganization in an individual’s or small business’s IT world. We are no longer surprised to see the majority of individuals and small businesses that fail to back up their data, fail to retain passwords and lack a basic structure for IT tools, data, security, software purchases and lack total documentation, resulting in exorbitant labor costs opening up liability.

Ideally when starting a business or even just buying a “device” as an individual, your IT needs will be part of your overall plan. Even as non-professional users, we have grown more dependent upon Information technology; specifically, in the last 10 years. Never before the modern smartphone have we been so capable with so little. With the added function to a “phone” suddenly managing multiple hardware devices has become something that can make or break a productive lifestyle.

Realistically, we understand that you, the client calls us not understanding where to start. Unfortunately, much of our daily tech has become part of so much of our lives that a non-techie has managed mostly scraping by with a partially functional setup without backups or downright incorrect configurations for the needs that would best be for that individual. There is no cookie cutter fix for an individual or business.

What a good technical professional will offer is a straightforward, easy to understand direction for their clients; part of this means they are good at interviewing, asking the right questions about one’s IT past so that correct direction or redirection can be offered. The best thing anyone can offer themselves is good notes. Hours are lost in not having account information, moreover these days, there are more accounts for services we use daily; even buying a copy of MS office means having a Microsoft account. It’s easy to forget how many cloud services there are, understanding a cloud services function often isn’t clear.  A professional should be able to offer efficient use of technology which would include assistance documenting. One of the services we offer is “user manual creation” making a document that allows a user to have written direction for daily use of their tech. We prefer to explain why we take certain directions to make sure our customers understand what is happening as we work.

At the end of our visit, we will return with a binder containing all your home networks functions, which any IT professional will be able to look at and use to reduce troubleshooting time. This binder itself may reduce the chance you’ll need to call an expert because your documentation will include basic troubleshooting tips for known hardware issues, such as reboot procedures for common hardware including but not limited to Apple TV, SONOS, Nest Cam, Nest thermostat, Roku, Chromecast, Routers or Access points, Smart TV, Alexa, Amazon Fire, Siri, smartphone, tablet Windows PC, Mac laptop or desktop